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The following article concerning the MORA-Super instrument was written by Eckart Herrmann, MD, Medical Superintendent of the Silvaticum Clinic in Horn-Bad Meinberg, Germany.


MORA-Therapy is a modern physical way of treatment from the field of biocybernetic medicine. For the past 40 years therapists in Germany and abroad have been applying this therapeutic method that involves sampling the body's own micro-magnetic oscillations from the patient's body surface and then returning it as therapeutically effective information.


The tapped body information is divided up into physiological and non-physiological oscillatory information by a so-called molecular-absorption circuit as a result of resonant processes, and which are then separately processed. Non-physiological, i.e. "pathological" oscillatory information resulting from disorders is inverted by a phase shift of 180 degrees. Thus, the "pathological" oscillatory information is neutralized before it is returned to the body.


MORA devices do not supply any foreign energy, as there is no galvanic current flow. MORA-Therapy is based on the 5000-year-old findings of Chinese acupuncture (TCM), as well as homeopathy and particularly Electro-Acupuncture.


"The MORA-SUPER instrument is used for electronic modulation of the body's oscillatory information to form a cybernetic control circuit with the patient's body during treatment. In the course of treatment the modified control signals change the biochemistry previously influenced by the disorder by improving the subjective and objective disorders."




The MORA-SUPER instrument fulfills the very highest requirements of traditional bioresonance.


In the 1970's the physician Dr. Franz Morell and the engineer Erich Rasche developed the first MORA instrument which, since then, has been continuously refined as a comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic device in line with the very latest technology standards.


MORA-Therapy complements orthodox medicine without replacing it. Diagnostics and therapy take place at a minute substance level that cannot be diagnosed and treated the conventional way, thereby reaching disorders that cannot, or only superficially, be treated by orthodox medicine. The aim of MORA-Therapy is to regulate the body's inherent biophysical control mechanisms, and to stimulate and reinforce the body's own immune system. Extensive practical experience has shown that both somatic and psychovegetative areas are affected. Application of MORA-Therapy is all-embracing (holistic) as well as locally body-related, using in the same manner the theory of acupuncture and homeopathy, as well as anatomy and pathology. Compared with other natural healing procedures and methods, and on account of the logical physical concept of MORA-Therapy, it is easily learned and combined with a diversity of natural healing experiences and effectively applied in a minimum of time in the GP's practice. The software-controlled MORA-SUPER instrument ensures logical therapy planning with subsequent documentation of the patient's data.



The Diagnostics:

The diagnostics of MORA-Therapy correspond with Electro-Acupuncture measurement in combination with medication testing.


And for the first time since Morell's idea concerning inverting, it is now also possible to test every toxin, every pathogenic substance by so-called testing-by-relief and then excreting them.


Diagnosis is greatly facilitated by the MORA proprietary Differential Measuring Technology.



Toxic substance information is "deleted" by inverting the signal.


This method of testing and therapy is unique, particularly for patients suffering from chronic disorders and the severely sick, because it offers very gentle diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities hitherto unattainable with any other system! In addition to the therapeutic section, the MORA-Super instrument has a measuring section containing the typical measuring facilities for the aforementioned methods.


Furthermore, the MORA-SUPER instrument can be employed in the dental area for oral current measurements (voltage & current) and dental focus testing without applying stimulation current.

The high-frequency antenna in the spin tester unveils geopathic stress.



New geopathy testing:

The MORA-SUPER instrument permits a new form of geopathy testing. According to Aschoff and Mersmann blood burdened with geopathogens contains primarily anti-clockwise oscillatory information, as opposed to normal, unburdened blood oscillating clockwise. A left-wise coiled high-frequency antenna (spin tester) can pick up the anti-clockwise oscillatory information from a patient's drop of blood for further processing. In the course of the test the patient's blood is introduced into an anti-clockwise spiral, and the recorded oscillatory information is inverted by the MORA instrument and returned to the patient. With geopathic stress the measured acupuncture points are so explicitly normalized as to facilitate a precise diagnosis.



New allergy diagnostics:

In 1983 Dr. Morell evolved a new allergy diagnosis within the framework of MORA development.


Allergized patents are often characterized by significantly increased acupuncture measuring values whereby certain acupuncture meridians are typical for establishing specific allergens. For instance, if information of a suspected allergen is applied to the patient's body in an inverted form (i.e. 180º out of phase), then the "pathological" acupuncture point is significantly improved. Consequently, a large number of medicines, foods and all potential types of allergens can be tested to gain an extensive picture of the allergy without stressing the patient.


A major advantage of MORA relief diagnostics is the novel way in which the allergens are detected. Contrary to other test methods, e.g. allergy testing by Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll, it is possible to use for testing all types of undiluted substances, as encountered in the patient's environment, without having to use ready-made preparations that have been homeopathized or diluted by any other method. Another benefit is the pain-free testing method with a low-pressure electrode, thus making it particularly suitable for testing and treating children.

The MORA-SUPER was the first device ever to incorporate special circuitry for allergy testing and deleting of allergy information.



The basic concept of MORA-Therapy is the use of the patient's own specific and highly individual oscillatory information to improve the biophysical management of the body control circuits to maintain a healthy state. This also has an immediate bearing on improving biochemical regulation since there is no biochemical reaction without preceding physical information.


"Normally, MORA-Therapy is applied in two steps. The first one involves basic treatment of the whole body where the inside of the hands and the soles of the feet are used as 'corresponding' fields for the input and output electrodes. This is then followed by local therapy of individual disturbed meridians, or entire body areas (head zones, neural zones, certain diseased anatomic areas) are treated."



As a result of the MORA-Super's concept, the actual MORA therapy with the patient's own oscillations can be complemented by the following variant therapies:

  1. Additional therapy with the body's own "body fluids", such as blood, saliva, stool and urine.
  2. Additional therapy with medication information after previous testing.
  3. Additional therapy with allergen information through inverted circuits to conduct out or excrete allergens, toxins, environmental poisons and many other substances.
  4. The Electronic Test Sets homeopathy program (ETS).
  5. Additional therapy with color information.


Active magnetic probe:

Interference field treatment, and especially scar interference suppression, can be conducted in an analogous manner to neural therapy with a special active magnetic-field probe.



Some European Practice Applications:


The indications of MORA-Therapy cover nearly all diseases based on disorders of the control levels inherent in a human organism, and which are not subject to irreversible defects in the anatomic area, hence:

  • Infectious diseases
  • Allergies
  • Auto-immune diseases
  • Disorders of rheumatic genesis
  • All kinds of pain
  • Metabolic disorders with the exception of inherited enzyme defects and skin diseases
  • Advanced degenerative diseases in conjunction with severe physical defects
  • Neurologic disorders where it is possible to limit or mitigate disturbed neurological functions, e.g. apoplectic attacks, and many other areas.



Two case studies


Example 1:

For months a 51-year old woman had been receiving orthopedic treatment for a therapy-resistant shoulder-arm syndrome radiating to the right hand and restricted movement in the area of the right shoulder joint. Local injection of prednisolone and medication with the customary analgesic agents did not produce any measurable success. Three basic MORA-Therapy sessions, followed by balancing the meridian terminal points on the hands and feet, and additional treatment of the shoulder girdle and the transition between the vertebral column and the thoracic spine with a double roller electrode, resulted in a violent colic-like complaint in the colon area combined with multiple discharge of partly fluid and partly solid stool.

After the fourth treatment session all the previous complaints disappeared but normal movement in the shoulder joint had been regained. The cause of the right shoulder-arm complaint was a chronic disorder in the right colon meridian that was associated with simultaneous chronic constipation.

Example 2:

This case concerns a 44-year old woman who had been suffering for years from migraine with unilateral headaches with all the typical attack patterns. Treatment over a period of several years remained unsuccessful.

The examination revealed a sensitive and painful-on-pressure appendix scar in the right lower abdominal region. The Electro-Acupuncture measuring points indicated a tendency towards higher measured values with the immediate suspicion of food intolerance. The subsequent test revealed an intolerance to dairy products, wheat and yeast. Moreover, when questioned, the patient reported of chronic constipation. This was therefore followed by the customary allergy treatment with inverted, intolerant foodstuff oscillatory information and a prescribed abstention from these products. Furthermore, multiple interference suppression of the appendix scar was combined with a roller electrode treatment of the neck sides and back of the head region within the framework of a pain relief program. The previous weekly severe headache attacks declined in their frequency and had totally disappeared after the sixth session. After the corresponding measured values had improved, the patient was once again slowly able to eat the foods that she had previously not tolerated without renewed pain attacks.



Contra-indications of the MORA-Therapy are acute medical disorders that, on account of their severity and speed of development of the disease, do not permit therapy attempts because immediate acute medical intervention is necessary.


MORA-Therapy is indicated in all chronic disorders inaccessible to orthodox medicine because this individual regulative therapy, even after an extended therapy period, is able to change apparently irreversible disorder states and to significantly improve the body's own immune system.


"As a result of the extremely low energy magnitudes involved, MORA-Therapy is free of any side effects in the definition of orthodox medicine. No irreversible damage has become known hitherto. As is often the case with associated therapies, the disorder may worsen in the initial period before it rapidly subsides again."



Spread of MORA-Therapy


MORA-Therapy was developed by Dr. Morell in the Federal Republic of Germany in the mid-1970's. Since that time MORA-Therapy is now practiced in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, U.K., Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Israel, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Egypt, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. And there are more to come. As in Germany there are working groups in these countries that provide regular training in MORA-Therapy. International Societies for Biocybernetic Medicine have since been founded in France, Belgium, Italy and Germany. International research teams have confirmed the effectiveness of MORA-Therapy.