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Introduction of the MORA-SUPER Plus

To Canadian complementary medicine practitioners



For assessment and therapy of allergy conditions


Registered in Canada as a Class IIa Medical Device License #82941, MDEL #4234


MORA Therapy has been utilized and recognized internationally for more than forty years. The experiences gained from Chinese acupuncture, homeopathy and Electro-Acupuncture are optimally incorporated within the MORA-SUPER Plus. It enables assessment of allergy situations with EAV or VEGA style methods and provides therapy with the patient’s own energy oscillations or with pre-tested remedies.



The Original BioResonance Therapy

of Franz MOrell, MD and Erich RAsche (engineer)






The concept of BioResonance Therapy


  • Assessment and therapy with patients own high and low potencies
  • Complete ElectroAcupuncture assessment
  • User-friendly therapy settings
  • Stressless allergy and geopathy assessment
  • Elaborate medication test
  • Electronic potentization of medications and substances





The Distinguishing Features of the

MORA-Super PLUS Diagnosis and Therapy Device


From a therapeutical point of view:

  • Bipolar or two-channel technology
  • Automatic measurement of body segments
  • Automatic allocation of the patient’s YIN-YANG situation
  • Automatic and individual allocation of input and output for therapy
  • EAV- or VEGA-type diagnostic methods
  • EAV-type differential measuring technique
  • Therapy programs for the patient’s biorhythm
  • Software Electronic Test Sets (ETS) and other therapy programs available
    [NOTE: the frequency information of more than 20,000 substances as stored in the ETS software program is fully available for med-testing purposes]
  • Many reliable and proven therapy programs stored in the main unit
  • Forty (40+) years experience in MORA-Therapy and in biocybernetic medicine
  • MORA-Therapy: The Original according to Dr. Morell. All other so-called bio-resonance diagnosis and therapy methods are merely trying to copy the original


From a technical point of view:

  • Research and development, engineering and manufacturing under one roof by one company
  • Scientific medical research in the field of bio-cybernetics
  • State-of-the-art electronic parts and components and advanced technology used throughout
  • Fully equipped with expensive professional ODU connectors for optimal conductance and shielding of the highly sensitive biological signal information. Other manufacturers use only simple and cheap banana or BNC connectors
  • All important parts are gold-plated for improved conductivity and hygiene
  • High-grade materials used for accessories manufactured to the highest standards
  • User-friendly and very reliable; upgradeable by software at any time
  • Elaborate quality control
  • Hand-made in Germany by dedicated craftsmen
  • All appliances comply to national and international safety standards and in particular to the very strict CE regulations of the European Community
  • Fully certified (ISO 13485, European medical and CE) and built to all the standards of the industry. Registered in Canada as a Class II medical device (License #82941)


These features of the MORA-Super may serve as a guide to help you when comparing it to other manufacturers of so-called bio-resonance devices. We trust however that you will eventually make a decision for the MORA-Super, if you are looking for a sophisticated, yet tried and trusted device to be employed for an alternative and natural method of diagnosis and therapy. There is no way around it!


Enhanced version of MORA-Super available: Called the MORA-Super Plus, it incorporates many valuable extra features in a model that otherwise remained virtually unchanged for a decade. Best of all, there is no price increase over current Super prices on the new Plus unit, and most previous MORA-Super units can be upgraded to the Plus version. Contact us at the Institute for further information and prices.


Here are a few of the extra features on the MORA-Super Plus:

  • Front panel display now in English-language (instead of German)
  • Electro-Acupuncture diagnosis showing the measurement value is now possible within every diagnostic mode, including GEO-Test, Allergy-Test and Med-Test programs
  • More efficient use of the recommended MORA Mouse in determining Individual amplification levels (à la Drs. Cornelissen and Herrmann) and entering them into the therapy program – this especially applies to the Geo-Test and Allergy-Test programs
  • Med-Test program has been made more practice oriented for multiple ampules when needed in medication testing (e.g., to find out if a lower potency ampule than you have available would be helpful, and in benchmarking "loading" evaluations)
  • Additional fixed therapy and diagnostic programs (non-permanently user modifiable);
  • "Energy Circulation" therapy programs now also for acute or "itis" organ disturbances
  • Automatically turns off after 20 minutes of inactivity


MORA-Super PLUS with included accessories:

  • One year factory warranty
  • 1 x MORA-Mouse
  • 2 x Gold-plated Hand Electrodes with cables
  • 1 x Foot Console with 2 Gold-plated Foot Electrodes with cables
  • 1 x Measurement & Therapy probe with cable and Low Pressure Electrode
  • 1 x Standard Cup Electrode
  • 1 x Glass Beakers (Laboratory Cup)
  • 1 x Glass Measurement (swab) Dish
  • 100 x 2ml Glass Vials and 50 x 8ml Glass Vials (for storing substances)
  • 1 x Plug-in Adapter/Power Charger
  • 1 x MORA-Therapy Handbook (English)
  • 1 Set Canadian English language instructions